Staines is a Thames side town that is located in the Spelthorne Borough of Surry that is famous for a number of things, but most notable for being the major producer of linoleum. In fact at one time 220 of the 350 people who loved in Staines was employed at the factory. I guess that is job security at it's best. Over the years though Staines has changed and has become more of a place that has modernized quite nicely in recent years. Many people who have travelled to this quiet place will tell you that they enjoyed the time they spent there. One of the best ways to enjoy it the most especially if you are visiting it alone is with Staines Escorts. Most individuals hear about Staines and when they come for a closer look they really have no idea what to see or what to do. This is why an London escort service is something that you should really take a closer look at.

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