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Five ways of erotic massage

Erotic massage - this is cascade of the new experience, slow and sensitive. You relax by erotic massage taking place. Although your muscles really go relaxed your senses get to the point of the limit. The reason of it appears to be so called no rush factor taking place in excess of caresses. Bringing you to full body alert and an orgasm making you forget your troubles and concerns you have in the daytime world. Erotic massage will fill you up with special energy to have some slow and calm rest giving you an extraordinary pleasure. Slow and calm moves, turning into fast and teasing every now and again - that's how this type of massage gets you sensitive to the extremes. Sexual fantasies ramble in your mind and over-powerful erotic shot charges in your body. The longer it lasts the more explosive culmination you encounter on the end of it.

Sakura twig - exotic Japanese massage. This is the process of the girl picking up the water droplets off your body applying slow and wide moves of the tongue. That's melting ice. Soft bites of lips chin and hips add roughness to the pleasure cocktail. Do you fancy high quality erotic joy? Try this exotic Japanese massage and you will discover real felicity.

Thai massage - the most popular one from Siam carried out with aromatic oil using hands and certain parts of the massager's body.

Body-milky massage - all mixed up with American, European and Thai, some elements of Swedish one as well. It takes place in a bath full of water. The girl is doing body-massage. Gives you some excellent relax.

European - easy relaxing massage developed in Europe during the crusades. People in Palestine were masters of this one, perfectly handling the art of touching. Because of the crusades it's spread all over in Europe. Subsequently it gained the name of European massage.

Ancient Greek-Egyptian massage - build up on contrast of body sensitive points. First massage part consists of strong pointing elements. Second one - soft relaxing.

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