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One who has once tried to sell, or propose something to others, knows well there may be a lot of reasons for asking a low price the poor quality being not among them. The time pressure and a special attitude to the buyer are the most common among such reasons. In many cases in our life, people do not ask return at all. The latter and former you meet in our everyday life with doctors. Each one of the doctors has given his Asclepiads' (Hippocratic) Oath to help people. Many people do help others without any oath. Many doctors vary their prices depending on the person applied for their help, and the currency of the prices being varied as well in rural areas it can be a dozen of eggs. This dozen of eggs often is not asked at all for, people are happy to give that dozen and to see their dozen is accepted, for the quality service and warmth they have received.

Our Best London Escorts in many aspects 'cure' body and soul of people from many 'illnesses' and deficiencies contemporary life is imposing on them. Our cheap London escort ladies are quite akin to doctors. As you see from our home page the escorts set their own prices often depending on each separate case. That is why the cheap escort services you receive from the Best London Escorts Agency are of high quality. Some trifles may, of course be, unavailable because the same contemporary life lays certain financial restrictions on the cheap London escorts as well as on the partners escorted by them, but it is the price, not quality, that varies!

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